Resort Activities

Resort Activities

All Resort canine guests go outside five times per day starting at 7:00 AM and ending between 8:00 and 10:00 PM. Optional Resort activities are designed to nurture both the physical and emotional needs of our guests. Moreover, these activities are just great fun!

  • Morning Playground Fun-One on one time with a caregiver to run, chase a ball or Frisbee, and enjoy the fresh air in our large playground
  • Afternoon Nature Walk-One on one time with a caregiver, walking and exploring one of three nature areas at the Resort
  • Petting and Cuddling-Individual time with a caregiver who provides extra love and attention
  • Treat Break-Special treats to eat and a caregiver’s undivided attention
  • Kong-a Kong filled with goodies just for you
  • Ice Cream Treat-refreshing doggie frozen treat in your room
  • Bedtime Tuck-In service-A caregiver massage and treat after last let-outs
  • Bathery & Spa-A visit to the grooming salon to be beautified
  • Coat Brushing-A caregiver brush-out to keep your coat tangle-free

Pampered Pet Option

Nature walk, afternoon cuddle time, an ice cream treat or warm cookie (depending on season), and our signature tuck-in treat and massage just before nights out. Oh Boy, it doesn't get any better than this!

Our aim is to nurture the physical as well as the emotional needs of our guests. These guest activities will help your pet enjoy his/her stay at Wagging Tail Resort. Your pet will love you for it…..and you can relax!”

For rate information, please see “Overnight Guest Check-In” under “Registration Forms."

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