Sleeping Quarters

VIP Suites (Very Important Pet) 

Our VIP suites were designed for our most pampered guests.  Located off our cozy living room, our VIP guests enjoy the comforts of home with a raised pet bed and large fleece blanket with a comfy pillow.  There are raised dishes for dining comfort and in-room TVs to watch movies as they’re played through the day.  Our VIP guests enjoy free time in our living room where they can relax on our couch and watch a movie on the big screen, take a nap by the fireplace on a cold winter day or cuddle with a care-giver and listen to one of our pet themed story books.

Luxury Tranquility Suites

Our deluxe private suites range in size from 30 to 52 square feet. Each features a flat screen TV, personal effects cupboard, ceiling fan, raised pet bed, lounging carpet, raised stainless steel food/water bowls, and daylight window. The Dutch door leading to each suite offers privacy when desired, but allows staff/guest interaction otherwise. Overnight, soothing background music contributes to a hotel-like experience.

Community Villa Suites Luxury

Villas feature four 5’ x 4’ individual suites within a sound-limiting master suite. Villas include soothing background music, flat screened TVs, ceiling fan, lounging carpet, personal effects cupboard, and stainless steel food/water bowls. Villa suites are perfect for one or two small dogs or one larger dog. Perimeter villas offer an outdoor garden view.

Luxury Tranquility

Community Villa

Premier Suites

Located in our atrium, our premier suites range in size from 4’x4’ to 6’x8’.  The sixteen suites are bathed in natural light.  The guests are calmed by the gentle whir of the overhead fans and the soothing background music.

Feline Accommodations

Our Feline townhouses offer at least 14 square feet for each guest to exercise and play. Each townhouse has multiple levels for sleeping, dining, and playing. There is a private area in each for a litter box. The townhouses are cleaned twice daily. Our feline guests enjoy separate HVAC and ventilation systems which contribute to very comfortable quarters.

A Secure, Comfortable, Healthy and Fun Environment

Safety & Security
Wagging Tail Resort is protected by a 24 hour monitored smoke, fire, and intruder alert protection system and includes a closed circuit camera security system.

Comfort Controlled Environment
All pet accommodations at Wagging Tail Resort are thermostatically controlled so that each guest is cozy and comfortable.

Cleanliness & Guest Comfort
Overnight canine stays include two meals and a minimum of five staff monitored outside comfort breaks in our specially designed “free-play” areas. Pet waste is carefully monitored, and solid waste is immediately removed for disposal after each guest visit. Guest comfort break areas feature AlphaSan antimicrobial artificial turf to provide for a cleaner and healthier environment. Daily charts monitor all dog and cat activities including food intake, elimination, preparation and distribution of medications.

For rate information, please see “Overnight Guest Check-In” under “Registration Forms."

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